Upcoming events will be posted here and on the calendar below.

2 thoughts on “Events

  1. carl phippen

    Hi my names Carl, turned up tonight to the Priory Street centre but no one there, disappointed. I’m not a member just wondered when your next meeting is?

    1. dworth2014 Post author

      I@m very sorry about that and we’ll be changing that entry as soon as possible. I think Steve has already been in touch with you about our new meeting place at United Reform church, Priory St, and the new timing which is only once per month on the 4th Thursday at 7.30pm.
      Apologies again,and hope to see you at one of our meetings in the near future – or on the stall in or near Parliament St on most Saturday afternoons (usually outside Marks and Spencer, or at the Pavement end of Parliament St when there is something like a festival taking place.
      Best wishes,


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